Many people think that the Deck Builder’s Toolkit isn’t worth their time. But for a young mage it’s a chance to learn some of the ins and outs of deck building. I feel like I got my money’s worth, but barely. The deck builder toolkit comes with quite a lot of cards. Here’s what I got (not including lands.)

Magic Origins Deck Builder Toolkit Cards

Act of Treason
Aegis Angel
Ainok Guide
Alabaster Kirin
Arc Lightning
Artful Maneuver
Aspiring Aeronaut
Aven Skirmisher
Aven Surveyor
Bathe in Dragonfire
Blood-Chin Rager
Bloodfell Caves
Blossoming Sands
Briber’s Purse
Celestial Flare
Chief of the Edge
Chief of the Foundry
Chief of the Scale
Coat with Venom
Colossodon Yearling
Deadbridge Shaman
Debilitating Injury
Disdainful Stroke
Dismal Backwater
Divine Verdict
Dragon Fodder
Dragonscale Boon
Eagle of the Watch
Elusive Spellfist
Elvish Visionary
Faerie Miscreant
Feat of Resistance
Fiery Hellhound
Flesh to Dust
Frost Walker
Ghirapur Gearcrafter
Grim Contest
Guardian Automaton
Hand of Silumgar
Harsh Sustenance
Heir of the Wilds
Herald of Dromoka
Hitchclaw Recluse
Hooded Assassin
Into the Void
Jeskai Student
Jungle Hollow
Kheru Bloodsucker
Kin-Tree Invocation
Mahamoti Djinn
Mardu Scout
Mardu Woe-Reaper
Mind Rot
Mistfire Adept
Nissa’s Pilgrimage
Ojutai’s Breath
Prized Unicorn
Reach of Shadows
Reave Soul
Reclusive Artificer
Ringwarden Owl
Rotting Mastodon
Rugged Highlands
Rush of Battle
Scoured Barrens
Sengir Vampire
Serra Angel
Shivan Dragon
Sight of the Scalelords
Singing Bell Strike
Spidersilk Net
Strongarm Monk
Student of Ojutai
Sultai Flayer
Suspension Field
Swiftwater Cliffs
Terra Stomper
Thopter Engineer
Thornwood Falls
Titanic Growth
Tormenting Voice
Tranquil Cove
Trumpet Blast
Twin Bolt
Typhoid Rats
Ultimate Price
Void Squall
Weave Fate
Whisperer of the Wilds
Wild Slash
Wind-Scarred Crag