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Most people think that the Magic the Gathering intro packs aren’t worth a lot, but they are to a young mage. They are well crafted decks that can help you understand deck construction and most importantly a theme. This Battle for Zendikar deck is designed to get out one of the 5 big creatures for you to win the game. It’s a great start for a young mage.

Drowner of Hope
Tide Drifter
Pilgrim’s Eye
Eldrazi Skyspawner
Incubator Drone
Eyeless Watcher
Kozilek’s Channeler
Brood Monitor
Bane of Bala Ged
Breaker of Armies
Desolation Twin
Titan’s Presence
Spell Shrivel
Call the Scions
Unnatural Aggression
Hedron Archive
Adverse Conditions
Scour from Existence
Blighted Cataract
Evolving Wilds
Skyline Cascade
10 Island
11 Forest

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