1) This is designed to be fun. We don’t do a winner takes all.

2) Each player gets one sealed booster pack and cracks it open. Don’t look at your cards! (If you accidentally see one, that’s no big deal.)

3) Remove the last card from the pack. It’s often a token or a ad card. Yes, leave the land card in the pack.

4) Shuffle your cards. Let your opponent shuffle your cards.

5) Roll to see who goes first. Each player starts with 20 life.

6) You don’t draw a “hand.” You are basically top decking with all the mana you need to cast anything.

7) You can only play a card if it has a valid target. So you can keep cards from turn to turn.

8) Play until all cards are played or until one player goes to zero life. Person with the lowest life total at the end loses the game if no one reached zero.

That’s it! Have fun!