Which Shadows over Innistrad White cards will be best for you during the prerelease?

Shadows over Innistrad is coming soon and if you are going to be playing in the prerelease, here’s a few things you need to know.

1) You will be playing Limited. So the only cards you will have available to you will be the ones you get in your pre-release kit.

2) You will need to make a 40 card deck from your packs (plus any basic lands.)

3) The decks that win the most have 17 lands, and 23 other cards. Creature based decks are generally the best.

4) You will want to do a two color deck, especially for Shadows over Innistrad since there are not a lot of multi-color options.

The bulk of your cards will be common and uncommon so that’s what we’ll focus on. I do want to say something about the game mechanic Delirium tho. There are a lot of cards that can get really good with Delirium but this is a new set and until it’s been played a lot, reliably creating Delirium so you can get those added abilities will be difficult. So we’ll focus mainly on their non-Delirium abilities and if you do achieve that Delirium state, BONUS!

So what cards are best in white?

Angelic Purge – Common and it’s a pretty easy removal spell. I can see sacking a 1/1 Spirit to remove your big bad vampire or werewolf.

Bound by Moonsilver – This is an uncommon that’s basically a pacifism that you can move, so if I keep one of your little creatures from attacking and you bring out something bigger, I’ll just move this on over.

Dauntless Cathar – It’s a solid 3 drop 3/2 creature that I can exile once it dies to get a 1/1 flyer. Great common and I expect to see it a lot.

Nearheath Chaplain – Is an uncommon 4 drop 3/1 with lifelink. You know that it’s going to be a target really quick, but it has a similar ability to Dauntless Cathar to create a 1/1 flyer. It’s a first pick for me if I choose to run white.

Spectral Sheperd – is an decent uncommon 3 drop for a 2/2 flyer. But if you are playing blue, it basically protects all of your spirits by bouncing them back to your hand. Of course if you aren’t playing spirits you aren’t really playing white, are you?

Those are my top picks for white commons and uncommon, but you need to know what white rare should you stay away from?

Eerie Interlude – I can see this being used in a constructed format, but it’s too iffy for limited. Pretty much all of the other white rares I’ve seen are pretty decent.

What do you think? What are you most looking forward to in Shadows over Innistrad white cards?