Which Shadows Over Innistrad Red cards will be best for you to play during the prerelease?

Shadows Over Innistrad is coming soon and if you are going to be playing in the prerelease, here’s a few things you need to know.

If you haven’t watched my thoughts on Shadows Over Innistrad White cards, Blue cards or Black Cards you can see them here, here and here. Can you still see me?

So what common and uncommon cards are best in Red?

Red is all about fast direct damage. Red has some really good stuff, but there no way that you’ll be able to go Mono Red. So here are the cards I see as the strongest.

Dissension in the Ranks is a great late game trick. You get your opponent to battle two of their blockers before combat. That’s a really fun trick. Bye bye blockers!

Fiery Temper is 3 damage to creature or player for 3, which is pretty standard, but If you can play it as Madness of just one red, OUCH!

Incorrigible Youths at first glance is ok, but once you look at the madness cost and the fact that there are some really cool vampire discard effects, I see a lot of nifty card synergy that Incorrigible Youths will bring even to the prerelease.

Inner Struggle is another card trick, but a good one. I don’t even think that it’s over priced. You will play it when your opponent starts attacking with their really large creatures.

Kessig Forgemaster is a cool flippy even thought it flip flops. Being able to get one damage into a blocking creature before combat begins is really nice and when it flips into a werewolf doing 2 damage before combat is even better.

Lightning Axe is really great. You should never have to play this for it’s full cost of 6. One red, discard Fiery Temper, cast Fiery Temper for Madness of one red, you just did 5 damage to target creature using Lightning Axe and 3 to another creature or direct to the player. BAM! 2 mana, oh so much damage.

Skin Invasion forces a creature to attack each turn, it doesn’t have to be your creature, it could be an opponents. Once it dies it flips to a very impressive 3/4 creature that really only cost you one red mana.

Village Messenger is a one drop 1/1 with haste that turns into a 2/2 with menace, now that’s pretty cool. And I don’t mind having several in my deck.

I think Red is a great support color in the Shadows Over Innistrad set. Its has a lot of cool effects, but it’s not great by itself. And once again there are really no bad rares, but if I had to pick the worst, it would be Harness the Storm. Not because of what it does, but because I don’t see it happening a lot in the prerelease.

That’s it. What do you think? What are you most looking forward to in Shadows Over Innistrad red cards? Comment below and don’t forget to hit that like and subscribe button.