Seven Things I learned from the Shadows over Innistrad Prerelease

7. 45 minutes is not a lot of time to build a deck.
It’s easy to get stressed, so follow the steps of sorting your cards by color and rarity first, weed out the cards that you know won’t work well in Limited and work from a smaller set of cards. If you have time, go back and see if anything else will work in your deck.

6. Research the Common and Uncommon Cards
You generally draw about 7 rare cards and only 2, maybe 3 will work in your deck. The bulk of your deck will be commons and uncommons so focus on them first. Researching beforehand will allow you more time to build and less time reading.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
Even with the research, if you get stuck don’t be afraid to ask for help. A prerelease is meant to be a fun learning experience for everyone.

4. Age doesn’t matter.
Just because someone is older doesn’t mean they are going to always win. I’ve played against people of all ages and I’ve won and lost to all of them. Many of them don’t underestimate me now.

3. Losing one game doesn’t mean you lost.
It means you lost one game and had a chance to learn something. So learn something, and keep playing.

2. If you quit, you lose, so don’t quit.
The only sure fire way to lose is to quit. You can come back. You can beat the odds. And most importantly you can have fun.

1. The best prize is playing and having fun.

That’s it! I hope you had fun at your prerelease. I really like this set and I hope you do too.