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Is it Worth it to buy a Fat Pack?

Fat Pack MSRP $39.99

Individual Pack MSRP $3.99
Fat Pack Contents
$39.99 – (9 Packs x $3.99) = $4.08
$0 Player’s Guide – Download from Wizards Site
$0 70 or 80 Card Basic Land Pack – Free at Local Game Stores
$0 10 Card Check lists – You get these in the packs
$0 2 Deck Boxes – These are ok, but don’t work with sleeved cards
For your extra $4.08 are the following worth it?

Card Box
Spin Down Life Counter

Alternate “Super Fat Pack”
You split a Booster Box with a buddy
MSRP of Booster box is $143.64


If you preorder you can get these as low as $94

Let’s say total is $100 (for easy Math)

You get 18 packs for $50

$50/18 = $2.78 per pack

Basically double the packs for just $10 more