The Rhino Reacts to Eldritch Moon Spoilers

Ulrich of the Krallenhorde was spoiled and it seems like everyone is saying he is not what they were hoping for. He is missing something to be totally awesome.

I think he has what it takes as long as your deck is built properly. The Werewolf synergy can get ridiculous. I’ve been looking for something like this for my Werewolf deck and this is how I would play him.

Arlinn Kord can +1 to give Ulrich +2/+2, Vigilance and Haste. When Ulrich lands, he gives himself +4/+4 making him a 10/10 with vigilance and haste, pretty bad.

But what if you have a Vildin-Pack Alpha already out on the field. Ulrich can automatically transform so he could be a 12/12 directly attacking as soon as he lands, really nasty.

There’s not much that can stand up to a 12/12 removal. Even without Arlinn, that’s a 10/10 directly attacking a non-Werewolf creature.

So if you don’t have Arlinn to help out with the haste, a Haunted Cloak may be just what he needs. He will get Haste, Vigilance as well as Trample. Werewolves love their equipment. An equipped werewolf is a major target.

Now you might be saying that having him as a 5 drop is too much for a 4/4. Humans are very fast in this set so you need him to land a turn sooner. That’s where the Krallenhorde Howler comes in making all creatures cost 1 less to cast. There he is on turn 4.

Ulrich may not be a big bomb by himself, but with his puppy friends, they can bite hard and fast as a pack.