I really asked for it. You voted that Ghirapur Orrery was the worst Kaladesh artifact. No one really wants it in their deck because it benefits your opponent as much as you. I made a deck that I think may be competitive and is a lot of fun with all of the Madness and discard triggers.

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The Ghirapur Orrery needs Vampires.

Can the worst Kaladesh artifact make a pretty good deck? You voted, well some of you did. Ghirapur Orrery is the winner… or the loser.

I’m The Rhino. Join me on our adventure through Magic the Gathering. Welcome Young Mage, I’m the Rhino. Ghirapur Orrery is voted as the worst Kaladesh Artifact. I was afraid you would pick that. It’s a four drop with two huge downsides. Each player can play an extra land each turn. Yes, that includes your opponent. And the second is, whenever any player doesn’t have any cards at the beginning of their upkeep, they draw three cards. Yes, that includes your opponent. That’s why everyone voted for it. But we can make this work to our advantage. What we want to do is focus on the second ability. Our goal is to have no cards in hand at the beginning of OUR upkeep. So we need to discard cards. It also doesn’t hurt to have a lot of madness effects to use those cards. No sense in them going to waste. If we can bounce cards back to our opponent’s hand, that would be helpful but not necessary. I looked at all the options available to me. Some pretty reasonable creatures… And lots of spells too… This is what I came up with. Black Red Ghirapur Vampires.

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Now on to the Ghirapur Vampires. This is a pretty fast deck. In some cases you can reach lethal damage by turn 5. That could happen before Ghirapur Orrery even comes out. Let’s look at the creatures. Asylum Visitor will allow you to draw an extra card at upkeep. This is in addition to what the Ghirapur Orrery will give you. Lupine Prototype is an awesome creature since we want to have a zero card hand. Surprise! I have a 5/5 that can attack and block and it only cost me 2. Stromkirk Condemned will allow you to discard a card and it gives your vampires +1/+1. Just think if you had 3 of these out. Discard 3 cards and vampires get +3/+3. The Bloodhall Priest will do 2 damage to a creature or player if it was the last card in your hand. That’s really cool having a creature doing some simple removal. And finally Bedlam Reveler is neat because he has prowess and will allow you to discard a lot of cards.

Make sure you are discarding cards that have madness so you can cast them all. What do you think of that for creatures? Now for the spells. Call the Bloodline is a vampire creating machine that have lifelink. Yes! You are also discarding cards that can be cast for madness. You can also do this on your opponent’s turn. Collective Brutality is an all around great card. So useful for different types of removal. Alms of the Vein … Yeah, just cast this for it’s madness cost and hurt your opponent. Fiery Temper is another one you just want to cast for madness. Three damage for one red is a no brainer. And finally Nahiri’s Wrath. Perfect card for this deck. Let’s say you discard 4 cards. That would be eight or nine damage to four targets. I would be happy to do that.

Now for the land… It’s pretty straightforward. We do want to have extra land in this deck so when the Orrery is running we can play lot’s of land. We want to get to a zero card hand. Plus having the extra land out makes casting those madness cards much easier. I like putting in the Geier Reach Sanitarium just to mess with my opponents hand. Especially if they only have one card. It also gives you an extra discard for your madness. If you don’t have Foreboding Ruins or Smoldering Marsh you can play this deck well with basic swamps and mountains in their place.

That’s it. Tell me what you think in the comments below. I think this may be pretty competitive. The deck list is in the description along with a start at a sideboard.

I have more videos coming out soon.

And until then, Rhino Out.