Do you have Magic the Gathering cards you want? To do you have MTG cards to trade? Have you traded everything you can but still need some cards? TCGPlayer may be right for you.

Selling and Buying Cards Through TCGplayer Do you have cards you can’t seem to trade? Are there cards you want, that no one has? TCG Player may be right for you…

I’m The Rhino, Join me on our adventure through Magic the Gathering. Welcome Young Mage I’m the Rhino.

You have cards that you want, you have cards you don’t need… And no place to trade them. Using TCGplayer’s BUY List may be the way to go. You can send in your cards and get store credit. Then you can use that credit to get the cards you need.

The nice thing about the BUYList is you aren’t really dealing with a single store. The BUYList is a combined list of stores that work with TCG Player. This is really nice because you don’t have to trade in just the expensive rares. With such a large list of cards that all of these stores need, you can send in those cards that you haven’t traded.

The only downside is in most cases those cards need to be in perfect condition. I sent in cards that I thought were great but they were rejected because they are only looking for the best cards. So is that really a downside? If you are buying cards, you want them to be in the best condition.

So I make sure I sleeve my cards as soon as I get them. I sent in two sets of cards into the BUY List. I got to sell off a lot of my older cards. One set I did before the last rotation and one after. I really messed up the first order, but their people worked with me.

The second time I was prepared and everything went smoothly. One thing I would love for them to add is the ability to load up a list of cards instead of doing them one by one. That would save a lot of time in finding out if there is any need for those cards.

I was fortunate to build up quite a bit of store credit. I’ve been able to purchase everything I couldn’t trade for, for the past 2 months. When they send the cards, they are very well packaged. I couldn’t find a blemish, dent or scrape on them even with a magnifying glass. The cards come pretty quickly. I have received my past 4 shipments in 3 days. So as long as I order by Monday, I have the cards in plenty of time for Friday Night Magic.

I have found that TCGplayer is a great way to sell off the cards you haven’t been able to trade. It’s also great to get exactly the cards you need at a good prices. You may be thinking that I am biased, or that they may be a sponsor. They aren’t a sponsor… yet. I would love them to be, because they do an excellent job. I recommend them very highly for any new or young player.

The only thing I would want you to make sure, if at all possible buy and sell the cards with your Local Game Store first. Support the store where you play magic. If they don’t stay in business, then you won’t have that place to play anymore. But if they don’t have the cards you need, and you can’t use the cards you have… Use TCGplayer. They have the best service I have found so far.

I have more videos coming out soon.

And until then, Rhino Out.