There are all sorts of two color land available for your decks. We rank them from worst to best. But the price goes up due to how rare or how useful they are. All of the land we show are based on Red and Green. But there are others for any color combo you need.

Worst lands

We don’t use these lands any more. The fact that they require you to tap another land and they come in tapped, is a bit too much. If you have this in your opening hand, basically you don’t have any usable mana for about 3 turns.

Bounce Lands

These lands are really only nice for certain types of decks. Decks where lands entering the battlefield matter.

Basic Taplands

These are the most basic Tap lands. They come in tapped with no further benefit. They are reasonable and reliable. Not to mention easy to get ahold of and cheap.

One could say that these are the best fetch lands. They only fetch a basic land, however that land comes in tapped. So we still consider them tap lands. But We generally put these in every multi color deck we build. They are very useful.

This is still a basic tap land, it just happens to be a Snow Land as well.

The same with this, but it is an Artifact as well as Indestructible. Can be quite useful in many decks.

Thriving Lands

So the Thriving Lands are kind of like a choose your own tap land. These get better the more colors you play in your deck.

Taplands with Benefits

There are many tap lands that can give you a slight benefit when they enter the battlefield.
Scry Land so you can look at the top card of your deck and decide if you want it to go to the bottom of the deck.

Cycle lands can draw you a card later in the game when you don’t need another land.

Gain one life. Who doesn’t like to have a bit more life.

Surveil Land similar to a scry land, but the card goes in the graveyard instead of the bottom of the deck.

Tapland with Extras

Manland This land can turn into a creature

This can draw you a card when you need it later in the game.

Tapped Fetch Land. These are really slow fetch land since you have to wait a turn to do your fetching.

Filter Land

Filter Land can take one mana and produce the colors you need.

Untapped with Downside

Pause land can give you a colorless, but if you need the color they don’t untap next turn.

Storage Lands are great if you have a deck that can proliferate counters.

These are an either/or land. It becomes the color you need when it enters the battlefield, but you can’t flip it to the other color.

Colorless with Filter

Untapped for a Price

– Show Land
– Check Land
– Check Land
– Fast Land
– Shock
– Pain Land
– Unpain Land
– Multi-opponet Land


Fetches can get you the land you need, as long as it says Mountain or Forest. In the examples below, you’ll notice that we have some of the other color pairs. Most of the time the land you want will say Mountain Forest for example, so these other fetch land can fet h them just as well.

True Dual

Nothing beats a true dual land. My dad remembers back when they came out people would throw them away. People either didn’t like the design or they just played mono colored decks. I suppose the game wasn’t as complex back then.