There are thousands of artifact cards in Magic the Gathering. Only a small handful are banned. And those are expensive anyway. Which of the remaining are great for your budget Commander deck? And by budget I mean they are consistently under $2.

The 10 we won’t talk about

I know most of you have 10 cards in your mind right now. They show up in almost every preconstructed Commander deck and are synonymous with Commander. The first 6 are very popular mana fixers)

There are Cluestones, Keyrunes and Signets in every color pair.

And finally the artifact that can protect your Commander from targeting an give it haste.

These are all well known and would be silly for me to name any of them in the top 10. I want to give you more options to think about.

Honorable Mentions

When we were looking at all of the artifacts we put in our Budget Commander Decks. And especially the ones we give away to new players, we had way more than 10. These three we use a lot, but just don’t make the cut for usable in most Commander decks.

Basilisk Collar is useable in just about any deck. Opponents don’t like creatures with Deathtouch and especially if it has Lifelink. But getting a copy of this card for under $2 can be difficult. There are version that fit that goal, but it’s a great card and may be out of your budget range.

This is an awesome piece of equipment. Especially great for Warrior decks. Warrior’s is a great beginner player archetype to play and with over a thousand warrior cards to choose from. You can easily pick great warriors. But this doesn’t go in just any deck.

Getting rid of an opponents graveyard can be a very useful thing… as long as there’s a player that is using their graveyard for shenanigans. If you don’t have an opponent that is doing that, this becomes a dead card in your hand or on the battlefield.


Ok, for number 10 it’s not a single card but a group. I really like the Alloy and Palladium Myrs. These are 2/2 creatures so most opponents will ignore them. In most games, they start out being used mainly for mana, but later in the game when you have plenty of land out, you can use them as a blocker or even an attacker for that little bit of extra damage.


Yes, it comes in tapped, but it’s still a mana source for 2. So let’s say you play a land on turn one, then a Sol Ring and use that Sol Ring to cast this. on Turn 2 you potentially have 5 mana ready to go. Not too shabby.


Another mana source for only 2 is a good deal. But the ability to turn an opponent’s creature into an artifact and destroy target artifact. That’s where this artifact gets on this list. I’ve even used it to turn an opponent’s Commander into an artifact when they play something to destroy all artifacts.


When people see this they only think you can use it for casting creatures. Almost any non-artifact spell you cast can be improvised. The power of this comes from using equipment to cast things. Equipment doesn’t lose it’s ability when tapped. So that’s almost like having free mana. You can tap and use treasure without sacrificing it.


If you are looking to add another mana source for 2, Thought Vessel also gives you no maximum hand size with no real disadvantages. This is a great card to have in hand when someone bounces everyone’s cards back to their hand. You don’t have to get rid of anything.


You ask most players what Rogue’s Gloves does and you get a lot of blank stares. It’s a favorite budget card draw. Especially if you can put it on an unblockable creature. There are a lot of little creatures that are unblockable. Hit an opponent for 1, draw a card.


Mana that doesn’t go away between turns and phases is pretty powerful. You can store up mana by tapping all of your lands and mana rocks right before your turn. It becomes colorless, but generally that’s not a huge downside.


When this card comes out, most people don’t react. When you equip it, they ask what it does. When they realize that it virtually makes the equipped creature unblockable, they want to get a copy of the card. The vast majority of commander players will have non-basic land out. Equip your commander and Commander damage becomes important.


This is starting to be come more popular. New players quickly read it and think it only adds +1/+1. Most players miss that it’s plus the number of land. It’s popular to equip to your commander for amazing commander damage.


This can become anything on the battlefield for 2. You can even copy opponents Commanders. Something people miss is that it ceases to be an artifact when it copies a non-artifact. If someone removes the card you are trying to copy, you can use 2 more mana to change what you’re going to copy.

What do you think? Is there anything you think should be on this list? Let us know.