About Young Mage

Since 2015

Rhino has dsylexia. It was so severe that even at the age of 7, he couldn’t read. All the letters were a jumble. He understood how to read but couldn’t see the words straight.  He loved playing card games, but had to memorize the cards based on the pictures. One day he was looking through some cards at a local game store and pulled out a Magic the Gathering card… and read “Stormtide Leviathan.”

That started him playing Magic, because he could read the cards. Within a year he wanted to learn to play better, but all the Magic the Gathering content at the time was either on accessories or tuning your deck for high level play. He wanted something to help teach new and young players. So we created Young Mage to do just that.

Since writing this, Rhino has taught over 1000 new players face-to-face. We have given out 100,000’s of cards both from our own collections and donations from viewers and MagicKids.org. He’s traveled to events and has been a guest for the Battlebond PrePreRelease at Loading Ready Run. We traveled in an RV for 3 years, teaching wherever we went.

Life hasn’t been without struggles. Rhino has epilepsy and deals with daily seizures. Some have been quite extreme, but most are dismissed as staring spells. He’s been hospitalize many times and a lot of the recent history has been around his challenges, yet still striving to accomplish his goals both with Young Mage as well as Scouting. He’s very determined and has many things he plans to accomplish, no matter the challenge.

The Players

Teacher of 1000’s of new players | Eagle Scout | Earned every merit badge
Phil Morris aka Papa Mage
Playing MTG since 1993 | Physcist | Creator of many things