Article Submission Guidelines for

Length of the article is not important. There is no minimum or maximum word limit as long as it adequately covers the chosen topic. The article should be about a single thought/concept. If it’s more than a single thought/concept then it should be broken into multiple articles. is a site primarily for new/young players of Magic the Gathering. Topics should revolve around those sort of players. So complex deck tech, magic card investing, or pro level play… may not be appropriate for our target audience. But general articles on playing various formats, getting started guides, budget builds, understanding game mechanics, having fun at events, product or card reviews… are where we want to be. If you want some help coming up with some articles, connect with me on Twitter @mtg_youngmage or with my dad @mtg_papamage

  1. Authors should edit their own work as much as possible. One suggestion is to read your own work aloud when you think you’re done, you will find most of your mistakes when you do that simple act.
  2. Articles should be submitted with a strong title or a few title possibilities. The title may be altered to fit the needs of the article or the flavor of the site.
  3. Articles should be submitted with an excerpt of 1-3 sentences that can be used on Social Media to draw attention to the article.
  4. The author’s real name should be submitted with the article as well as any handle or online name.
  5. Articles should be submitted at least 72 hours before expected publication to allow for editing. If there is a quicker time requirement, please contact us beforehand so we can be ready for the editing process.
  6. Some editing may occur between submission and publication. Please check the final edited piece for any errors. We are all human and prone to mistakes.
  7. The Editor (Phil Morris aka Papa Mage) has the final say whether or not the article is fit for publication for our target audience.
  8. Please use bullet points as needed.
  9. Please use subheads as needed.
  10. Please bold important phrases or ideas.
  11. Please cite sources and add internal/external links as necessary.
    If you want to call out a specific card, Underline it so we can add the appropriate short code so it will be converted for our system to handle like this: Archangel Avacyn
    A deck list can be displayed in a similar fashion.
  12. If you use photos/images to support your article they need to be either specifically created for your article or be Wizards of the Coast released images. We may be able to attain rights to some Wizard of the Coast artwork or graphics with some additional lead time. But any thing you photograph (following photography legal use license) or graphics that you or a graphic artist that is employed to create is usable. We do not want to infringe on any property rights.
  13. There is currently no compensation for articles. Currently we have very little income for the site and the associated social media properties. Once the current operating costs are above a break even point we’ll look at creating a compensation plan.
  14. Article promotion will be done on multiple social media. Feel free to answer questions, comments and criticism there.