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🔴 Funding for MTG Channels 💰

A week ago, our primary computer decided to overheat and die. It was a faithful machine for 8 years. Now we need to replace it. One of our subscribers setup a Go Fund Me to help replace the computer. We are going to talk about what our Patrons do to help...

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🔴 Huatli vs Jace Planeswalker Decks

We are going to switch decks from yesterday's stream. Time to battle Jace and Huatli Planeswalker decks. This way we can get a good feel for what the decks are suppose to do, before we try to upgrade them. New Video Editor computer:...

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🔴 Commander 2016 Gameplay

We are opening two Command decks from 2016 and playing them for the first time. We normally don't play commander, be we are going to try to start a group in our area. We will go over the rules and get at it.

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Legendary Planeswalker

Want to know how Planeswalkers work in Magic the Gathering. Now that Planeswalkers are now considered to be Legendary they work a little different than veterans of the game are use to.

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