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by Papa Mage

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Papa Mage

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Campaign Story

This is a fund where we can create inexpensive Commander decks for new players. These are budgets decks that can be played in Commander complete with a deckbox and sleeves. We teach a new player the deck. Then they get to keep it. A great way to start playing Magic.

If you want to help you can:

1 – Donate to the fund. Either here or on Patreon.
2 – Send us cards we need.
3 – Send a complete Commander Deck.
4 – Raise Awareness. Share the video and links with your friends and play group.

You decide how you want to help. Contact Papa Mage to find out where to send cards or decks. We have a list of cards we need on the Young Mage Website. Thank you for helping spread Magic to new players.

Rewards: (If you check out anonymously, we won’t be able to fulfill the rewards)

$5 – Behind the scenes of the project. You’ll get to see the bloopers of the videos we create and once we can start teaching and giving out the decks you’ll get to see the players we teach.

$10 – You get your name (or handle) in the credits of the videos we produce. (plus previous rewards)

$20 – You get your name on a “Donated By” card we add to a deck we give to a new player. (plus previous rewards)

$50 – You, your business or channel will be a “Sponsor” for one of the decks. You’ll be announced as the sponsor for the deck tech and game play videos we produce. (plus previous rewards)

$100 – You’ll get a pair of limited edition Rhino 6 sided dice as a thank you. These are large 30mm dice. (plus previous rewards)

  • 03-04-2021

    Project Launched

    We are currently working on a “generic” mana base for the decks we create. This includes artifacts for some ramp and card draw. You can look at the Cards We Need page to see what we have so far. We’ll also have a simple upgrade guide in the deck techs for each deck.

    Coming out soon is our first set of deck techs and some game play of new decks created.

  • Project Support

    No $$ has been pledged yet, but we now have 7 people digging up cards we need to start building the decks. sent us enough stuff to sleeve and give a deck box for 20 decks as well as added cards for the decks. And Wizards is looking to see what they can do to help.

    This is a great start. Not really worried about the $$ right now. Soon we’ll need a bit to get the final cards for certain decks and we’ll need some printing done to advertise the opportunity to learn MTG as well as the donation cards.

    More surprises to come and we do have some stretch goals planned once things get going.

  • All Commanders Acquired

    Using the money from our patrons and donations over the past couple of months, I’ve been able to get all the Commanders and a lot of the specialty cards needed. I can complete about half of the decks now with these and using the card donations from various individuals and I’ve lowered the funding to $200 because I’m certain with the money I receive over the next couple months through Patreon and direct donations I can get all decks built. This reset the percentage to 0% when it should actually be around 90%. In the future, I’m looking to getting an advertising banner created.