We’ve added a variant of the upcoming Prismatic Piper to our pool of cards. This way if you don’t have any good multi-colored Legendary Creatures or Planeswalkers, you can add a second color so your deck won’t be handicapped.

What is Sealed Brawlish? It’s basically Commander with a few exceptions. Each participant is creating a singleton Commander deck from 14 draft packs of their choosing. The participant will use 2 of the 14 packs from either Dominaria or War of the Spark. That will ensure they will either have two Legendary Creatures or two Planeswalkers to be used as Commanders. The decks will be singleton 60 cards. 

So this is a mixture of Commander and Brawl? Yes.

Are you scared of having Planeswalkers as Commanders? Not really. Since this is sealed, it will be difficult to ramp and tune the deck where it will be oppressive.

How does it play out? That’s what we are going to find out. We have 4 young players that will be testing this as a budget version of Sealed Commander. More info on who’s playing, what they chose, what they built and who won which games will be found here in the future.

Starting Decks